Bed Bugs

Bed bug facts and information for homeowners.
Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bugs are tiny parasitic insects that looks like cockroaches and ticks. Bed bugs are nasty creatures which not just bite the humans but also suck the blood. Many develop allergies to these and develop rashes or scars on the body due to the bites of these bed bugs. The Bed Bugs are more active during the night hours and would bite any part of your body that is open which you might not know while you are sleeping. The most common places where these bed bugs bite are portions of your face, your neck regions, arms, exposed parts of your hands, etc. As most of the bites are painless, hence is barely noticed by individuals. For a more complete guide to bed bug removal, feel free to contribute information to us through the contact page so that we can continue adding information to the site. 

Symptoms Of Bed Bugs

The symptoms of bed bug bites are not very distinct and hence most of the time remains unnoticed. Statistics and researches reveal that in majority of the cases, individuals do not experience any symptoms at all. In few cases the symptoms may appear in few minutes, whereas in other cases it may take days. Those who have been bitten by these bed bugs normally complain of itching and rashes (red colored lesions on skin) and you can view photos of bed bug bites to compare against the bits in question. These areas where bed bugs bite are seen with slight swellings. In few cases when the individual is bitten several times, then the rashes or welts are seen on clusters as well. The clusters could also form in situations when the individual is allergic and one bite itself caused the body to develop rashes all over the affected area.

These rashes have seen to disappear within few days time, and if it still persists, then the individual is advised to consult an online doctor. Those individuals who are affected by these bites repeatedly would have more distinct and pronounced bites when compared to individuals who are less prone to these bites. If one is bitten by these creatures frequently, then the chances of developing a skin infection is high. This is because, you tend to scratch the area over and over again causing abrasions an injuring he skin. You can view more pictures of bed bug bites by visiting other pages on our site. 

In rare cases, systemic allergies may also develop due to these bed bug bites. Few other symptoms of bed bugs bites are sleeplessness and nervousness. These are few of the extreme symptoms which occur when the individuals is very often bitten by bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Effects

Bed Bugs could cause numerous health effects which includes skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Bed bugs bites could result in a array of skin manifestations from no visible consequences to distinguished blisters. Remedy requires the elimination in the insect but is in any other case symptomatic.

Bed bugs are difficult to see and usually active during the night and that makes it worse to spot the bed bugs. The bed bugs stay in the dark unnoticed in dark crevices, and bed bug eggs mostly live in fabric seams. Bed Bug bite symptoms are fecal spots, blood smears on sheets, and molts. Bed bugs could be found singly, but usually congregate when set up. They generally continue to be close to hosts, commonly in or near beds or couches. Harborage locations can differ drastically, even so, including baggage, vehicles, furniture and bedside clutter. Bed bugs might also nest close to animals which have nested within a dwelling, such as bats, birds, or rodents. The eggs of bed bugs are located in related areas exactly where the bed bugs on their own are located, and therefore are connected to surfaces by a sticky compound. Attractant devices for detection use warmth and/or carbon dioxide. Bed bugs might be detected by their attribute scent of cilantro, coriander, almonds or over-ripe raspberries.

Several ways to prevent bed bugs from getting into your house are:

  • Hang garments farthest away from the bed
  • Spot baggage about the folding rack found in most lodges
  • Area baggage within the dry cleansing bag discovered while in the resort.
  • Most significant, never carry a mattress that’s been used by unidentified people.

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